What Puts Highlands On The Map? Find out why it boasts of a distinct mark in all of the Denver neighborhood

November 28, 2013  |  Denver Neighborhood Guide
What Puts Highlands On The Map? Find out why it boasts of a distinct mark in all of the Denver neighborhood


What caught the eyes of Travel & Leisure Magazine to single out this Denver city and earn its mark with a story?

A simple, obvious fact: Highlands is Denver’s latest “it” place to be.

This 250-acre neighborhood northwest of downtown is defined by a charming, almost romantic Hispanic heritage that remains undaunted by the fast growth and changes over the past years. The stylish restaurants and shops that lined up its roads gracefully blends with the influence of the past, creating a community of melting pots.



The simplicity of the bungalow houses sit well with the quaint boutiques and restaurants – dining at its best that serve the most delightful Carribean and Mexican cuisine — that dot the roads. This might be in contrast to the business districts of Lower Highlands, Highlands Square and Tennyson Square, but it turned out to be rather cosmopolitan in an old fashioned way. Ironic at its best? Not so. Unique is more like it.

The modern vibes mingle harmoniously with the artsy world as evident with the Highlands’ Tennyson Street Cultural District. The art galleries are treats for art-lovers where you can browse artworks from local artists and vintage prints and photographs. There is also live music with great Italian and Mexican dining areas adding up to the artistic feel of the neighborhood. And with ample parking space this side of town, it just earned its distinctive mark as the go-to place in Denver, especially during peak weekends and weekday night outs.


Highlands Square



Cultural Influence

You know what they say about traveling far without actually going anywhere? Highlands is the answer.

Highlands is delightfully merged with different kinds of cultural influences from the charming stores to the homey small family-owned restaurants specializing in international flavors of Mexican, Italian, Argentinian, and Peruvian cuisines. Being the landing point of Hispanic and Italian immigrants, this neighborhood is truly the melting pot of Denver at its finest.


Living in the Highlands

The neighborhood boasts of a rich ethnic history. The emergence of new lofts and newly designed bungalow houses attract urban families and visitors. It is one of the preferred areas for relocations and residency because of its central location and convenient access to shopping and dining venues, and business establishments.


Highlands district is bounded by Sheridan, 38th Ave. , Zuni; 23rd Ave. and Lowell.


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