Things Beyond the Home Inspection: 10 Things You Should Look Out For

Things Beyond the Home Inspection: 10 Things You Should Look Out For

August 27, 2014  |  Property Listings, Real Estate

Hunting for your dream home means making sure that everything is in place – no leaking roof, ceiling that is sturdy, a solid foundation, good wiring, and so on. Good thing, there is such a thing as a home inspection that allows you to play detective to the condition of your home to-be.

But what about the things that are NOT covered by the inspection? We have to remember that sometimes, it’s these less conspicuous factors that end up making a major impact on our daily activities at home. So to help you further with your road to a new home, don’t overlook these things in your search.


1. Size of rooms. It’s easy to get lost daydreaming on how you will transform an empty room into a decorated or interior-designed room that is going to be your bedroom, living room, home office, or what have you. It is crucial though to find the just-right room size fit for your lifestyle. You will know it best after all. Are you a work from home mom who needs a bigger more than usual home office? Or do you want your kids to have a good enough size for a playroom? Go beyond the physical dimension of the space and imagine setting up your furniture in the rooms as you walk through. If you’re not too creeped out with the idea of being a tad obsessive-compulsive, bring measurements too (you just like being prepared, I assure you).

Key measurements to help you design a room

2. Interior floor plan. Check the lay-out as this can possibly have an effect in your daily life. Imagine your typical day. Is going from room to room or indoor-outdoor with ease important to you? If so, French or sliding doors are ideal if you want a natural flow from going outside and back inside the house. Same is true with having or the lack thereof of sharp corners and narrow passages to navigate around the house.


24906 E Dry Creek Dr Aurora CO

24906 E Dry Creek Dr, Aurora, CO 80016

3. Acreage. Foresee plans you might have in upgrading your home in the near future. If down the road you plan to add a deck, extend the patio, or build a backyard studio, then having a bigger lot area is essential.

What to Know about Adding a Deck



4. Staircase. You might be perfectly fine with stairs or how high and steep it is, but if you think you might ever want or need to take in an elderly relative, a steep staircase is not a feature to have. Consider the dimensions of the staircase that it should be wider or at least lower.


5. Natural light. This one is so easy to overlook especially when the excitement is palpable while looking at a house. But the effects of natural light should never be underestimated. It can do wonders for the over-all vibe and look of your home. When checking a home, have a viewing at different times of the day. Open all windows or draw away curtains/blinds. This will give you a bigger picture of what the light is like in the home.

6. House orientation. In relation to natural lighting, the house orientation or positioning plays an important role. How so? Well, the way a house is positioned on its lot affects how much natural light it gets and can also affect heating and cooling, as well. A south-facing home will have the most natural light while a north-facing home though not maximizing natural light can be just as bright if the main living area is in the back of the house and there are windows (big ones are the best) all around.


1653 Marsh Hawk Cir Castle Rock, CO 80109

7. Kitchen features. Whoever does the most cooking must be the consultant in checking out the kitchen. What’s your household’s wish list for kitchen features, anyway? If you do all or most of the cooking, first decide which you prefer to cook on (a gas stove, perhaps?), how big or small of a pantry or kitchen storage you need, and the size of the kitchen you will be most comfortable cooking in. It won’t hurt to throw in additional features like having a breakfast nook nearby or a counter; and even a bar, granite countertops or great lighting fixtures. A well-decorated kitchen is an awesome motivation to hang out here and cook the best meals ever!


7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO 80005

7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO 80005

8. Driveway. Yes, it may seem really silly to even put this in the list of considerations, but the length and width of the driveway is something you could regret later on if you don’t put a thought or two into this. Wouldn’t it be a horror story straight out of a really bad movie if you buy the house and realize that your car won’t fit in the narrow driveway? Or you have to shovel a driveway that’s ridiculously long after a snow storm? You wouldn’t want that for sure.



4875 S Monaco St. Denver CO 80237

4875 S Monaco St. Denver CO 80237

9. Number of bathrooms. Adding a bathroom can be expensive and time consuming, so choose a home early on with enough baths to meet your family’s needs.



5415 S Killarney St Centennial CO 80015

5415 S Killarney St Centennial CO 80015

10. Privacy. The general area whether it’s a city or a suburb has much to do with how close your neighbors are, so you might also want to consider where you would most feel comfortable living for years if privacy is important to you. It is also good to note that despite the general area factor, there is still that difference how private one house feels over another. Think backyard, mature trees in your lot, windows perhaps, porch and so forth. If you are aiming for privacy either in a city or a suburb, then check the perimeter of the property to get an idea of your proximity to your potential next door neighbors.


 Cover photo source: Simply Elegant Home Designs Blog


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