Must Be in Ruby Hill – Five Reasons Why Ruby Hill is “The Neighborhood”

Must Be in Ruby Hill – Five Reasons Why Ruby Hill is “The Neighborhood”

November 28, 2013  |  Denver Neighborhood Guide, What to Do

Did you know that Ruby Hill is the 49th most walkable neighborhood in Denver with Walk Score index of 60 and a highly bikeable area with a Bike Score of 62?

These are just two reasons why Ruby Hill, formerly referred to as the Gates neighborhood is fast becoming Denver’s own hot spot and a growing favorite for residential neighborhoods in Denver. There are five more very interesting things which make this a place like no other.


  1. 1.   Ruby Hill Park – Ruby Hill is in fact a vast park with top-class amenities like baseball fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Ruby Hill Park is the second highest point in Denver county and home to the Denver Urban Gardens. The park has some of the best 360 degrees views of the metro Denver area and is being groomed to be one of the prime parks in the city with big plans of development including an amphitheater that will host 50 free concerts every year. With all the investments and plans in the works, Ruby Hill Park is an area to watch out for.



  1. 2.   Winter Park Resorts – The park sure is an outdoor spectacle in the summer, but come winter, it transforms to a winter sports mecca. Winter Park Resorts is a popular sledding, snowboarding, and skiing destination in the country. And the best part? You can practice or learn your winter sport for free! A practicing newbie with no mountain gear on hand? Not a problem. The Ruby Hill Railyard provides all you need from boots and boards to skiis at no extra cost. This brings the winter recreational sports closer to the people who cannot afford winter gear or cannot go to resorts farther away. You can just practice or learn and enjoy the winter right at this newest urban resort in Colorado.




  1. 3.    Artsy and Spunky – What makes a neighborhood different from the rest? It’s got to have spunk, it has to have character. And Ruby Hill lacks nothing short of that bold spirit that makes a place unique. A neighborhood with a creative sense of humor, mixing and matching yard designs is never a shocking sight. Such artistry is a showcase of the area’s unusual yet not less interesting perspective.


  1. 4.   Athmar Recreation Center & Athmar Library – You can never go wrong with a place that boasts of its own recreation center and a library. It encourages health and wellness, social enrichment, and arts and culture with the classes and programs offered at the Athmar Recreation Center. On the other hand, the Athmar Park Branch Library fosters literacy-rich environment for people, especially children to enjoy reading and learning; motivating them to graduate from high school. It comes as no surprise that Denver has one of the highest statistics of high school graduates and is home to the best education centers in the country.





  1. 5.    Ruby Hill Neighborhood – There are about 180 dining places in Ruby Hill with a melting pot of restaurants, coffee shops and bars. And because one will never go lacking of choices to eat, chill, or party, research shows that people can actually walk an average of 2 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in just 5 minutes! Apartments are also conveniently located in the most walkable neighborhoods of Central Business District, Capitol Hill, and North Capitol Hill. Schools too abound in the Ruby Hill area, as well as recreational and family-oriented events. Suffice it to say, it is not only a lovely neighborhood, but a very accessible and convenient one, especially as a residential area. Ruby Hill has numerous parks and playgrounds, an arts and culture-oriented community, access to learning and economic resources, some public transportation with six bus lines passing through it, and a history to boot! It is notable for instance, that Ruby Hill was actually an early look-out point for Native Americans.


Being a popular weekend destination, thanks to the parks and the Winter Hill Resorts, there’s nothing much to complain about on how great it is to visit, much more reside in the neighborhood of the now…Ruby Hill it is.


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