Making the Most Out of Home Staging: Showcasing a Home for Sale

October 16, 2014  |  Real Estate
Making the Most Out of Home Staging: Showcasing a Home for Sale

Selling a home is more than just having a “For Sale” sign and hope that the stars align and the universe will land you a buyer in a snap.

In the real world, a sign is not enough. Homeowners have to take extra steps to get buyers interested in their property. This is where Home Staging takes the spotlight as an effective means to make a good impression and amplify the home’s features. Home staging has also become a favored strategy to increase a home’s selling price and decrease selling time.


What is Home Staging?

Home staging is basically arranging furniture and décors with the objective of highlighting a property for sale. A simple cleaning for instance will cost you nothing. But some methods involve some expenses, such as painting, landscaping, and adding decorations or furniture.

Home staging is different than decorating. It is more like “depersonalizing” a home to create a more neutral space that prospective buyers can imagine living in. This means having to remove personal items like photographs, collections, pet items, and such. Here is where neutral colors come to play and incorporating newer appliances or some pieces of furniture.


Prep Ideas for Staging

1. Clean Up!

Do a thorough cleaning first before rearranging or placing furniture and home decors. This means washing the windows clean, deodorizing the carpets, polishing the tables and cabinets, cleaning lighting fixtures, and other nit-picky cleaning details. Organize items and do away with personal items to make it easy for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home.

2. Maximize Space

Create an illusion of bigger rooms by removing one or two pieces of furniture so the space is more noticeable. A room packed with furniture looks smaller, which will make buyers think your home is less valuable than it actually is. It could also be a distraction in picturing how a particular room could offer possibilities for decorating and putting in other creative ideas for the buyers.

You can also create a focal point in a room to highlight the space. In the bedroom for instance, the bed should be the focal point. In the living room, it could be the fireplace. In the dining room with a smaller table, the focal point could be the chandelier.

3. Brighten Up with Colors

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Neutral colored-rooms are the ideal home staging trademark as neutral colors provide more ways for buyers to picture decorating the rooms themselves. Beige, gray, black and white are colors that are not “too much” but are instead on safe grounds. However, a touch of lively colors do add some personality and good vibes making your home warm, welcoming and homey. A homebuyer’s dream! So go ahead and jazz up a neutral-colored room with a yellow vase (or one filled with colorful flowers), vibrant-colored throw pillows, floral or printed comforter, and stark contrast of an area rug, such as in green, burgundy, or any color that adds character to your family room. Just remember not to overdo it! Simple but elegant is still the way to go.

4. Set the scene

Create a room full of possibilities. Make bathrooms a luxury with new shower curtains, towels, and fancy accents; lay logs in the fireplace; add centerpieces on tables – books, fresh fruit, or flowers. Add subtle scents giving your place a homier feel with scented candles or potpourri. Help your buyers envision themselves living there.

5. Create a Grand Entrance

Everything starts with the entrance, so don’t overlook your lawn and hedges, porch, and entryway. A simple doormat or potted plants can make a difference.


Hiring a Home Stager

Professional home stagers are known as Accredited Staging Professionals (ASPs). Real estate agents who have a more comprehensive listing or selling strategies could help you stage your home. Some Realtors are also ASPs or could recommend a highly qualified stager.

One advantage of home stagers that could also make things easier for you preparation-wise is that they often have their own stuff to make your home more attractive for potential buyers, such as furniture, art pieces, and other home accents. As professionals, they have an eye for details and knowledge of what needs to be done to make your home look more appealing. Sometimes, an objective insight is what you need to maximize beautifying your home without overdoing your taste and style, lest it could put off some buyers who may have a different style from yours.

Hiring a home stager is additional expense, but when you consider that many sellers end up decreasing their selling price for about $5,000 to $10,000, having a pro to stage your home could be worth it. Home staging fee is estimated at around $500 to a few thousand dollars. This of course, is expected to go up for a more detailed staging like expensive landscaping.


The Value Staging Adds to your Home

Home staging can bring in six to twenty percent more than a home without staging. Moreover, ninety one percent of staged homes sell way faster, some in only one month or less (Source: Staged Homes). So in other words, you could be saving yourself from a price reduction.

There are inter-related factors in selling a home – the right agent, online presence, aggressive marketing, neighborhood, price, and the house itself. Home staging can do much but should not be treated as an island in itself. The thing though that makes home staging a popular selling strategy is that it offers buyers an incentive – if they see a more beautiful house, they can see the property being worth the price.


The Blake Team is a full-service Real Estate team based in Denver, Colorado specializing in working with Buyers & Sellers, foreclosures/HUD, short sales, and luxury properties. Over the years, The Blake Team’s success led by Lisa Blake has ranked us No. 18 in the nation out of all Real Estate brokerages as well as the #1 Keller Williams agent in Colorado. An award winning team to assist you in buying or selling real estate. Home staging is one of the marketing strategies The Blake Team offers to seller-clients. 


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The Blake Team is a full-service Real Estate team based in Aurora, Colorado specializing in working with Buyers & Sellers, foreclosures/HUD, short sales, and luxury properties. A team with years of experience and an impressive success rate that made it the No.18 real estate brokerage in the nation, as well as the No.1 Keller Williams agent in Colorado led by CEO & Founder Lisa Blake. The Blake Team is your No. 1 choice for getting your dream home!