Luxury Homes: What Makes Luxury Truly Luxurious in Today’s Real Estate Market

Luxury Homes: What Makes Luxury Truly Luxurious in Today’s Real Estate Market

July 19, 2014  |  Property Listings, Real Estate

7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO 80005

 Luxury homes entail several if not, many buyer requirements. Builders in the luxury real estate understand the evolving designs that cater to the homeowners’ way of living.

Living in a luxury home is not just about owning a grand, stunning piece of property. Luxury homes are also about lifestyle.

So what catapults a home to the high-end mark? Beyond the size and price, which are obvious factors though not fixed indicators (a luxury home doesn’t have to be huge), there are the more apparent elements, such as location (exclusivity of the neighborhood or a fantastic view, or both), architectural significance (it should be somehow unique), made of top quality materials (hardwood floors, marble, granite countertops, and other extensive natural materials as opposed to mass produced synthetic ones),  and built with equally high quality work (aka the contractor).

3995 Lazy K Dr Castle Rock

 Amazing panoramic views of the mountains overlooking beautiful Castle Rock

3995 Lazy K Drive Castle Rock CO 801044875 Monaco St. Denver CO

Stunning views of Denver from this top-floor penthouse

4875 S Monaco St. Denver CO 80237

7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO7595 Lewis St. Arvada COElegant marble staircase and granite countertops

7595 Lewis St. Arvada CO 80005


Let’s take a look at other qualities of high end real estate. What does luxurious in luxury properties really mean?

Luxury as a standard of living

Contrary to what people perceive of luxury homes as “all-show,” these homes are more than just good looks and fancy embellishments. Luxury homes are built with comfort in mind. Luxurious homes are also created with creativity in such a way that a home reflects the homeowners’ personalities, such that it becomes a story homeowners share with every visitor that sets foot in their abode.

“Luxury is a lifestyle” Nick Segal, president and founding partner of Los Angeles Brokerage Partners Trust said, “What do my friends feel like when they come into my home? Do I have art walls? A comfortable environment?”

There is significance for every accessory. That sophisticated vase on the dining table, the pretty side table that accentuates the oversized couch, the chandeliers…all those eye candy add character to a home and reflect the style and personality of the homeowner.

Customized design weighs in big time in a luxury property.

4875 S Monaco St. Denver CO4875 S Monaco St. Denver CO 80237

 Luxury is about space

Coming from building set-ups and smaller lot sizes, we are now seeing a change toward “demansionization” in the luxury real estate market. Again, luxury homes are not about the size. It could be a factor but it is no longer a constant feature of being called an opulent property. But while homes may have less acreage, they aren’t necessarily smaller. Today’s lavish homes may have fewer yards but have more floors to work with.

Open floor plan

Open floor plan or open concept design is fast becoming a favorite for many builders who are constructing luxury properties.

Luxury is smart and functional

home automation system

Home Automation System

 There is a demand for smarter, more functional amenities everywhere. Think home automation system, temperature-controlled wine cellar, motion detectors, and variable speed air conditioning.

Kitchen appliances also take on a whole new level with their cutting edge functionality. Really, it’s not about showing off some sort of technology. In a luxury home, all these things are for privacy, comfort, and efficiency.

7595 Lewis St. Arvada COLuxury has purpose. It solves a problem but does so in a customized way that is evident in its design.

A touch of an iPad in the kitchen that controls everything for instance, from the sound, video, car lift, mosquito systems, and home sprinkler is mainly about having the ability to check on your home even if you’re away. It is in some way a monitoring, security system that adds assurance that there is safety in living in the comforts of your home.

Luxury is consistency

Luxury goes beyond the structure of the house and the land it sits on. Every element from the architecture to the interior design is in perfect harmony. Luxury is depth and richness; agelessness and longevity. The style is consistent from end to end and more than just a trend, conveys classic beauty.

A luxury home can be traditional, contemporary, and modern. But in the end, it has been created and designed with faithful constancy through and through. A “smooth home” as one may say luxury homes have impressed upon.

3995 Lazy K Drive Castle Rock CO

 Elegant living space

3995 Lazy K Drive Castle Rock CO 80104

Luxury home design

 Interior Design Luxury House


The blog’s Cover photo is a gorgeous estate in the heart of Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Colorado located in the prestigious gated enclave of Buell Mansion. 


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