Looking for your First Real Estate Agent? Setting your Pre-requisites: The Qualities you Should Look Out for Before Saying Yes!

Looking for your First Real Estate Agent? Setting your Pre-requisites: The Qualities you Should Look Out for Before Saying Yes!

October 23, 2014  |  Real Estate

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Then you could never have come across this blog at a more opportune time! First, congratulations for taking that milestone of buying your own, very first home. How exciting is that! Whatever your reasons are for finally making that life-changing move, it is all but fitting to commend someone like you. Buying a home for the first time is an act of courage.

Being a first time homebuyer is much like getting married or starting a family; moving to a foreign land or quitting a job you have been doing for years to try your hands with something totally different. It’s new, fun and exciting, but entails a lot of responsibility. Buying a home is also similar to starting your own business or even trying an extreme sport like skydiving or bungee jumping. There is much joy and adventure to gai,  but also a very risky endeavor to take.

As a first time homebuyer, you can bet there are gazillion reasons to worry about – loan approval, mortgage payments, home maintenance, neighborhood concerns…the future. What seems to be as trivial as a home decoration when you were renting now becomes a major life crisis. Nothing can calm you down except your decision and conviction to let go of all those anxieties and enjoy the journey of finally being a home owner! Hurray!

To help you in that crossroads of jumping ship from leasing to owning (whew!), who else can help you better than a real estate agent? But wait! Picking your first real estate agent is just as big a decision as choosing your home. Your agent can be the make or break of getting you the home of your dreams with negotiating skills worthy of a United Nations post. Your agent can also either drown you with all the requirements and paperwork, or guide you seamlessly to an otherwise tedious, stressful process.

Simply put, you need a real estate agent who is qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and really, really good at what he/she does. In other words, a real estate ninja is what you should look out for.


…and nothing less.

It is imperative to go CIA on a potential agent. Research the profile, portfolio, team, experience, success rate with buyer clients, and whatever information you deem relevant for your homebuying process. Why is this important? Because there are realtors that are simply better than others who have a spotless reputation, while others do not.

It is better to know now before signing any contract rather than finding something in the middle of the buying process. It takes a lot of time and effort to be an exemplary agent. And yes, there is a huge difference between being good and great. Why go for mediocrity after all when you deserve to have the best agent? Not all agents put in the work necessary to be the best in their field. They may have the license to boot, but it does not exactly mean that license equals excellence.

Do not hesitate to conducts interviews with several agents. Ask people you know of any referrals or recommendations. Verify that your community knows and respects the agent you have in mind. Scout, canvass, and snoop. If it makes you a ‘lit bit creepy, don’t worry. Rest assured that you’re just doing your assignment as a homebuyer.


Your first home is probably the biggest (and most risky) financial investment you have and you just cannot afford to squander a huge investment over any mistake in purchasing. Your first realtor will play a major role in the successful purchase of your first home. He or she needs to have the experience in order to pull it off.

Choose a real estate agent who has years of experience to boast. Someone that has an impressive portfolio for seller and buyer clients. You can also gear towards a Buyer Specialist so you know that your agent knows every nook and cranny, ins and out of buying a home, especially for a first time buyer like yourself. The agent should be a full time realtor not just in his or her work calendar, but in his or her time working with you. Anyone can be working full time but only with part time efforts and ethics. You should be wary of that.

If you are dedicated, indomitable and inspired to get your first home, then pair up with a real estate agent who can keep up with you with those same qualities.


A great agent has a respectable network under his or her belt that can help you in the home buying process, such as lenders or mortgage officers, interior designers, home repair companies, landscape specialists, and others. Your agent should be able to present you with not only one recommendation but several options for you to choose from. A reliable agent also has a preferred vendor list to present to clients.

Knowledge of the LOCALITY

A great agent to work with is someone who knows the area or community you are interested to live in. Information on the neighborhood will help you in your decision making whether to buy or not. What are the rules and regulations? What are the statistics in terms of walkability, crime rate, school districts, accessibility, etc.? The more your realtor understands the locality, then the better he or she can assist you in looking for that perfect home for you.


No good portfolio, experience or reputation will bear any impact if a realtor is not PRESENT. There are absentee agents and they are to be avoided like plague. If you have to wait 10 years for a return call or you have to lurk around your agent’s favorite coffee shop just to get an answer to your concern, it is not worth your time to be working with such. He or she despite a hectic schedule should still find time to fit you in for appointments and attend to your concerns. YOU are the client. There should be no favoritism of clients – who gets more attention and talk time than the rest. You as with the other clients, are important.

Buying a home is not as simple as buying furniture or even a car. It is such a huge move that caution and time should be taken into account. You need a real estate agent who will be there for you through the entire process. Feedback and information should be timely; clarity and honesty are a must; communication should be constant and open. No ifs and no buts.

Qualities + Intuition

After all the careful thought and consideration, take time to listen too to your intuition. What does your gut tell you? What kind of vibes do you get? Make both outstanding qualities and intuition connive to help you pick out among the many agents vying for your attention the one that is perfect for you. A highly qualified, dedicated, knowledgeable real estate agent who will be willing to go the extra mile to help you find your home sweet home.


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