Keep Calm, It’s Fall: September Home Checklist

Keep Calm, It’s Fall: September Home Checklist

September 4, 2014  |  Home Improvement, What to Do

Here comes the new season! It’s time to bid farewell to summer and say hello to back to school, football season, falling leaves, bonfires, hayrides, and cooler months ahead.

After the lazy days of summer, it’s now all about getting the house and yard in shape. The comforts of being indoor beckon.

Do any of these checklist items made it to your list as well?


1. Do a roof inspection

Roof Inspection

Photo: Columbine Roofing & Exteriors

This can be a DIY task if you’re up to climbing a ladder to take a look at your roof, or hire someone to do it for you. Prevention is better than cure does not only apply to our health, but also to our home maintenance. Damaged shingles and worn-out seals around vent pipes and chimneys are much easier to fix and stump high cost of repairs if caught early on. So, start now!

2. Remove A/C units. If you have window aircon units, either remove them or cover them outside with protective insulation.

3. Revamp the family/living room

Prep the family room for the cozy season ahead by changing the accents or decors fit for fall. Bring in extra cushions, add a cozy throw, replace or put an area rug. It can be as simple as cleaning and tidying up. With more indoor activities lined-up, it makes for an exciting time to have a family room that is homey and inviting for movie nights, board game tourneys or trivia nights. Make your family room a welcoming (and warm!) abode for the entire family.

4. Decorate with fall-blooming plants

Fall Decorating Idea - Flowers

Clean away summer sand and dirt, and set out a few potted plants to adorn your porch or patio. Fresh flowers are also lovely decors inside the house, especially as table centerpiece in the dining room or living room, and a side table accent in the bedroom. Be creative with an unlikely decoration by putting a small pot or a vase of a late summer plant, such as chrysanthemums in the bathroom. Not only are flowers colorful, pretty sight to behold, but the scent will add to the pleasant ambiance you have at home. Perfect for fall!

5. Check openings and seal any possible entries for critters. Uh-oh…not an enjoyable task but will certainly avoid a more unpleasant scenario should there be gaps for mice to creep in! Do a house check around the exterior of your home and cover all gaps you find including small ones. A heavy duty screen or a hardware cloth is a good material for covering exterior vents.

6. Order firewood. If you use your fireplace a lot, now is the time to order and stock on firewood. Just remember not to store it directly against the house as this is a surefire way of inviting critters to your home. Good for you if you have storage shed. That solves the problem! Otherwise, put the firewood in a covered outdoor space.

7. Cover patio furniture and grill. Take care of your patio furniture and grill if you plan on leaving them outdoors by covering them well. This will protect your stuff from the weather and will ensure your furniture and grill will be good as new for use come next spring/summer.

8. Bedding makeover


Photo: Simon Design Blog

Take out those thicker blankets, quilts, and duvets for the cooler nights ahead. It is recommended to have them laundered after being stored for months so they are fresh and clean to use.

9. Have chimney maintenance. Hold up using that fireplace! Until you’ve cleaned your chimney, that is. Built-up creosote inside the chimney is a fire hazard. You also have to make sure that no four-legged or two-legged creatures have taken up residence inside. If you don’t have a chimney cap yet, it’s a good idea to get one now. The metal cap with screened sides will prevent the animals from getting in and will also protect your roof from burning embers.

10. Ready those birdseeds. Show kindness to our feathered friends that will stick around for the winter. They could use some extra help when wild food becomes scarce. Stock up now by keeping the feeders full so that when the hunger games start for the birds, you can alleviate starvation for many of them. Providing water too is a big bonus and if the birds could only say thanks, they certainly would! Refresh the saucer of water every day to deter mosquitoes.




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