IN and AROUND Capitol Hill

January 27, 2014  |  Denver Neighborhood Guide
IN and AROUND Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill neighborhood map


Do you want to know Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood? Well, it’s right here and you’re reading it!


Capitol Hill is bordered by Broadway, Downing St., Colfax Avenue and Seventh Avenue, which has the largest volume of traffic in the neighborhood, with Colfax Avenue and Broadway being major traffic routes in the city. Capitol Hill is a melting pot of the residential neighborhood and the commercial center with 95% of the area already highly developed. A nostalgic feel resides in the Capitol Hill district with majority of the buildings built in the avant-garde Booming 1920s giving it the signature of having the oldest single family homes in Denver. Historic mansions, apartments and condominiums abound in the neighborhood.

 An Urban Tale of Change

 Back in the early 1900s, Capitol Hill was home to the elite who built mansions to die for – elaborate, elegant, and yes, very huge. Come 1893 after the fall of Denver brought about by the Silver Crash, the once uber-sophisticated, high-class district of Denver took a more modest turn as it focused on the construction of apartments. The shift from single family mansions to boarding houses, apartments, and condos made for the middle-class marked the change to the modern multi-family dominance of the Capitol Hill quarter. The community remained middle-class until after World War II, when these middle-class families left the district and the people who got left behind were renters and transients.

Not all were sob story however. The completion of Interstate 70 became a blessing to the neighborhood when the demand to go to East Colfax dwindled and so did the demand to go to Capitol Hill surged. The affordable and convenient lifestyle made the area enticing to artists, bohemians, and musicians.

Now, Capitol Hill has been renewed to an urban modern sophistication with apartments converted to expensive condominiums and rents that increased remarkably over the past years.

The Capitol Hill Community and its Culture

There are some remarkable traits to this community that one can point and say, that is certainly very Capitol Hill!

  • Capitol Hill is considered a highly cosmopolitan district in Denver, a mecca for artists and bohemians. The punk community also has a welcoming place in the area’s East 13th Avenue, known as the center of Denver’s punk subculture. Restaurants, pubs, stores, and other cultural amenities around Capitol Hill cater to these different groups that would otherwise have limited access to their unconventional (yet very interesting and fun!) lifestyle.
  • Talk about history and Capitol Hill has it all! The neighborhood is influenced by its proximity to the Colorado State Capitol – a historic building that is home to the Colorado General assembly, as well as to public offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.
  • Capitol Hill is an “open city.” Proud to be a gay-friendly neighborhood and sometimes called the gay village, it is the place to be for the yearly “PrideFest Gay Pride” parade held in June and draws an estimated 200,000 crowd every year.

Places of Interest

Here are some of the places/landmarks worth checking out if you happen to stop by Capitol Hill


Colorado History Museum

Denver Art Museum


Civic Center Park


United States Mint at Denver

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


Trivia: Who were the famous personalities who graced the neighborhood as residents of Capitol Hill?

Answer: Novelist and poet Jack Kerouac and American poet Allen Ginsberg


Capitol Hill

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