Five Major Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

November 3, 2014  |  Home Improvement, Real Estate
Five Major Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

There are five areas often overlooked when buying a home that could cost a lot of money if not checked early on.

Home inspection companies have this list in their frequently reported problems:


  1. House Foundation

Minor cracks could mean there is something wrong with a home’s foundation…but not so all the time. The seemingly innocuous way windows are not opening and closing properly on the other hand, could spell trouble and if not taken care of could result in very expensive repairs.

Natural cracks do happen in a house and could mean nothing and that yes, your house is far from crumbling down. Then again, that’s where the importance of a home inspection comes into the picture. Home inspectors have to look at it, make an assessment and decide if a crack is a cause for worry or a cause for relief.

Have the house checked for possible repairs that need to be done or any damages that should be attended to before moving in.

  2. Plumbing

Plumbing is another major area of concern when buying a home. Plumbing is something that you can’t spot easily and fast enough, always causing costly repairs. For home inspection pros, bad sinks are favorite spots to check. Sometimes, even if people have fixed a leak in the pipe, the mold goes unnoticed.

When you look at the sink, extend your inspection all the way behind it and most of the time you will discover a crack. When water seeps down, it goes behind the cabinet and creates the perfect breeding ground for mold to form.

  3. Electrical Wirings

It may seem all perfect on the outside, even for brand new homes but if not checked carefully, there could be electrical wirings that either doesn’t work right or were all done incorrectly.

Having a complete home inspection will alleviate such problems.

  4. Home’s Landscape

A helpful tip from pros is to mind the 12-inch barrier between the house and the landscape to avoid moisture. Plants aren’t supposed to be placed next to your house, as well. The barrier is important as not to run the risk of having problems with your home’s foundation. When the landscape is too close to the home, the foundation and soil expand as the landscape is watered, which is expected as watering is taking care of your landscape. Then, when there is no watering going on, the foundation dries up and decreases in size, and guess what? This causes the foundation to crack.

  5. The Attic

If the eyes are the mirror to a man’s soul, the attic is the mirror of a home. They say you can tell a lot about a house by the condition of the attic. Case in point, if there was leak and it marred the wall, with repair work it could be made to look good as new. With an attic however, you can tell where all the damage has been.

Don Walker, inspector and owner of Ace Home Inspections said, “If you’re in a house that’s more than 10 years old and you see that the insulation is brand new, you know that there was something wrong. Say there was a water leak because it had to be replaced. Similarly, you can also detect that something is amiss with the roof because you can look at the wood and see the condition.” (Source:


Learn as much about the home as you could. Not just all the cute, bubbly, dreamy parts but also the ugly ones. And this means the repairs, damages, spoiled and marred areas, and all the work that has to come with the house. Remember, being in the know as early as possible will stop you from making a mistake that could cost you expenses far more that what you have bargained for.


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