National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

November 28, 2013  |  Community Involvement
National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

November is a month of festivities. For one, it is the precursor to the coming holidays, a time when we build momentum for family and friend gatherings, numerous Christmas and New Year parties, and gift-giving. It is the happy-go-lucky, crazy fun month of Halloween parties and events and it marks the most important occasion of the year — Thanksgiving Day, highly anticipated and celebrated.

November signals merriment and cheers. But it is also a month of paramount importance in bringing awareness to one of the most pressing concerns in our society today. Homeless youth.

November observes the National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.

Every year in November, organizations in the country such as Stand Up for Kids, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), and the National Coalition for the Homeless, advocate awareness to the communities and help bring to the front line the fight to end homelessness and hunger, especially among the youth. Events are organized with the aim of educating the community and fostering unity to call action to this plight. The vision is to bring in greater future involvement and thereby, a change where homelessness among the youth is becoming a great national concern.

Why is there a call to action?

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, 1.6 million children become homeless at some point in their lives, and this number is increasing each year. This is a lonely and difficult plight for the affected youth where the struggle is not only about losing their home, friends and families, but also being exposed to the many risks of being out on the streets such as the dangers of  substance abuse, child trafficking, and depression.

Homeless youth becomes an issue too hard to ignore. It is no longer just a reason to frown and worry, but an urgent state of community we all must be involved in to actually solicit change. And the initial actions? Awareness and involvement.

What can you do?

With several organizations taking a stand to fight homelessness, the chance to make a difference has never been as good or as easy.

Stand Up for Kids, a non-profit organization founded in 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia to help rescue the homeless and at-risk youth has several chapters throughout the country. Stand Up for Kids Denver is having a fundraising event to benefit the homeless youth. Do you have used ink jet cartridges, cell phones or other digital gadgets that are outdated or even broken just taking up space? You can help Stand Up for Kids by donating these items and turn trash into something valuable that can help turn a life around. This Recycling Fundraiser is in conjunction with the group’s Sunday meal program. Check out Stand Up for Kids – Denver’s projects here.

The Denver Art Society is another active participant advocating change through an exhibition of artworks shown by the public. All artists are welcome and encouraged to participate in this month long awareness program.


These are just two of the numerous organizations in Colorado and just one division of advocacy programs addressing homelessness and hunger in the country. The Congress passed a resolution in 2007 to highlight this escalating concern because the alarming truth is that “an average of 13 homeless youth die each day due to physical assault, illness or suicide” and “some homeless youth are expelled from their homes or run away after physical, sexual or emotional abuse.” (

It does not become a national issue for nothing. It is what it is because of the fact that it is an issue that communities all over the country must fight against and put an end to. The youth out in the streets are asking for help and more importantly, begging for love and care. Programs designed to help these youth are out there for us to partake in. All they need is our YES and we help these kids off the street.

One homeless youth at a time. Changing lives now to transform the community in the future.


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